My ASD Princess

A family helping a girl explore her world through the lens of autism


My ASD girl

The Little Things

Short post tonight...The little things , thank God for the little things.....Eating food at her request.Going to bed at the pre-arranged, agreed time.1:1 time at the park.Hanging out (even just for a minute) with her sisters.What a blessed weekend we... Continue Reading →

The journey begins….. Again 

Much of our spare time is spent assisting her siblings understand the complexities of autism and trying to differentiate behaviors, meltdowns and 'just being a naughty kid.' We have had some little wins but all the 4 children have a point. At times it's not fair!

Routine – A blessed thing

First day back at school for our princess, for that matter 3/4 of the tribe. Although this year has proven a bit trickier, more thought-out and planned the day itself was uneventful. The day started for Jenna at 5am and... Continue Reading →

My Princess (insert label) ASD + ADHD girl

Getting it wrong for the past 5 years I asked myself these questions: Did that lesson my abilities as a Dad? I missed the signs for Jen, what else have I missed? What did I do wrong? Why did I miss all the signals?

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