My ASD Princess

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May 2015

What About The Other 3

Weekends are really hard for the “house of many hopes” thought I’d reblog our holiday post to give you a little more insight.
The fine balance of 4 fiercely independent children and “family time” often clash in epic proportions. By Monday we are ready for work, but grateful that we had time together.

My ASD Princess

1891344_10152857905768590_5097542224536606198_oTo say “Its been a tough holiday period for the princess” would be an understatement.The normality of school, bedtime, packed lunches and her gymnastic lessons create a rhythmic stability for her, and we were free from this for the next 9 days.  Added to the messed up routine, we explored new places, holidayed with friends and shared many long car trips together.

There were many many highlights, laughs and memories, but wow I was holidayed out.

But to some extent its been tougher on my 3 other superhero’s. We have been teaching Jenna’s 3 siblings about tolerance, to walk away from conflict, and to be brave. Sharing with them that they are loved, important and are worthy of “Dad/Mum” time. Although these simple lesson have been taught, the application has been proving difficult, and with good reason.

At face value all our kids understand they are loved, special and are…

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Autism and Sickness = Sucky Times

I am starting to believe that we may never truly adjust to this diagnosis. However, we now have a far better understanding of Jenna, the fluid nature of ADS. We have learned that autism is an ever changing lifelong diagnosis and sometimes a challenge for us all.

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